Friday, November 13, 2015

Menstrual Cup!

Have I mentioned I made the switch to THE CUP before? Because I totes did and it's TOTES AMAZING.

My model
I use a Diva Cup specifically but there are tons of versions (Dutchess Cup, Moon Cup, Lily Cup, etc.) including disposable ones. They're comfortable, easy to use, environmentally friendly, cheap, and just all around the best. I highly recommend them. PLUS! They're feminist! 

Here's the article all about it!
Feel free to ask me questions about it, I don't believe in period shaming (it's the worst) and I'm glad to evangilize about products and causes I believe in. One thing I'll go ahead and volunteer in that I personally prefer the tulip fold. I think it works waaaaaaay better. 

Also know as the "push down" or "triangle" fold.
Fun fact, I thought of this today because I found myself unexpectedly period-y (a week early, hooray!) so I had to rely on emergency tampons instead of the cup. IT SUCKED. Don't get me wrong, I used tampons for years before I bought the cup and liked them fine. But the cup is so much easier and more comfortable that it was really upsetting to have to switch back. 

So, questions? Comments? Freak-outs because you falsely believe periods are a taboo topic? Let me hear it!