Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Flirty in Floral

Since this dress is the only floral thing I own (from Target!), it was an easy decision on what to wear for the floral inspiration today. 

Plus, you know, super cute!
The boots are an old favorite from TJ Maxx. I think... And the earrings are from - you guessed it! - Modcloth. Seriously, go drop some dough there, it's totally worth it.


Butt up is pretty much his go-to play pose, especially we we summon...

and which he is searching for
THE RED DOT OF DOOM! I swear, this dog is really a cat.

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

We're So Brooklyn

I don't really know what to make of today's inspiration, so this is my best shot at looking "Brooklyn."

I figured layers, leggings, and boots were on the right track.
So I've got a blazer from Rue21 layerd over a green dress from TJ Maxx layered over leggings that were a gift. Plus ankle boots from I-don't-remember and more gifts in the form of jewelry! Wahoo!


I made muffins!

Blueberry, to be precise!
They were from a mix, so I cheated, but I don't have the time for baking I used to, and they are still super tasty! Enjoy the view of my magnificent breakfast!

Monday, April 27, 2015

Gender Roles

You've all figured out that I'm a feminist, right? It would be the worst kept secret of all time if it were a secret. I'm a little lost lately as to how to live out my ideals in my day to day life - specifically if or how to pass them on the the next generation.

You also all know that I'm an SLP. My primary interest is adults with brain injury, but there is almost no way I could work in this field and not have child clients. So, in a shocking turn of events, I do! In particular, I see one little girl who is obsessed with all things "girly." Pink and flowers, princesses and butterflies. 

Now, with that, I have no problem. People can like what they like and I don't care. But more and more, I'm starting to see that this is something conditioned. Little things she'll say, like "you know how I know those animals are boys? Because they don't have eyelashes!" and "Not dinosaurs, that's boy stuff! We can't use that!" It's really disturbing to me that she has such rigid definitions of what being a girl versus a boy means, and that she places them in such direct opposition. I'd hate for her to grow up believing the world really operates that way, but I'm not sure how much I can really challenge it. After all, she's not my kid. 

This is all the stuff that makes a girl and it's ONLY FOR GIRLS.

What if I tell this little girl that boys can have pretty eyelashes and girls can do science, and while I don't find anything morally objectionable about any of that, her parents are really upset? I don't want to lose my job or piss of clients or my boss. At the same time, I find it fundamentally, morally wrong that people should be forced into such narrow, confining boxes. Boxes that can stifle them, make them miserably unhappy, and in some cases, even push them to suicide and I feel like I have to speak up. I don't want this amazing, sweet little girl to grow into someone who shames or bullies others because they don't look like what she's been told they're supposed to. Don't I have some responsibility to her in that regard? And maybe her parents wouldn't care. Maybe they even agree with me. I very much get the sense that she believes these things because it's the media she's been exposed to rather than a conscious parenting goal. 


Yet another consideration: the girl is very young. Our brains naturally categorize the world because it is the most efficient way to store and recall information, especially when we are very young and learning so much. It's entirely possibly that this is something the girl will grow out of with time and experience, as her mind expands and she learns that the world doesn't subscribe to such simple rules as she currently believes. I could be worrying about this needlessly, or worse, by forcing her to confront those over-simplifications now, I might just confuse her as well as upset her/her family. But I don't want to let the opportunity to make a difference slip through my fingers. 


Any ideas?

Precious in pants

Today's guideline was crazy basic, So I went with one of my favorite combos of all time:

Blue and other stuff!
Blue and silver, mostly. Isn't it cute! The top is Ann Taylor, the pants and bolero are Walmart, the shoes are Target - noticing some repeats? Yet all of my outfits look unique! - and the earrings are Pandora, a gift from my lovely, lovely husband.

Sunday, April 26, 2015


Look at my beautiful garden! Be jealous! 

We have so much of this, all over.
This took no work on my part since my grandmother-in-law was such a dedicated gardener. Be super jealous.

Friday, April 24, 2015

Prep School Prefect

Don't I look like a prefect?

So classy!
I figured typical uniform colors would capture the inspiration best: navy, khaki, and black. Plus classic accessories

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Head to Toe Under $100

Head to toe for under $100, can you accept that challenge? I almost never spend more than $20 on a single item so I thought I'd up the ante and include the cost of my undies and hair color too. Plus, I went with an unofficial sailor theme as an extra layer of difficulty.

Which, of course, you can't see here. Is it a surprise I'm a fake ginger?
IT SHOULD BE. Because it suits me so goddamn well.
The top, pants, panties and bra are all Walmart purchases for no more than $15 each, and the undies significantly less, so we're at about $40. The shoes were another $18 from Target, so now we're at about $60. The jewelry probably would have put me over, but I chose only pieces that were gifts, and therefore cost me nothing. Even with my hair color, I beat the pants off of this challenge by like $30 because I am a savvy shopper and I use coupons. BOOM BABY.

Date Night

Husband and I had a sushi and sake date last night!

At home, obviously
Didn't expect to like the sake, but it was crazy delicious! And of course, sushi is always delicious. And so much of it! Good end to the day, and I really needed it.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Statement Jewelry

I may have gone overboard with this one...

Four pieces of "statement jewelry"
Big globe earrings, a chunky, geometric bracelet, chunky ring, and steampunk necklace. Bonus points, no single piece cost more than $10. Yeah, I kick ass.


Husband and I took my Pops - never calling my dad that again... - to dinner for his birthday. We went to Robata Ramen and Yakitori Bar, a new place that serves - you guessed it! - authentic ramen and yakitori.

IT WAS AMAZE-BALLS. Seriously, if you're ever visiting Memphis, go fucking there. So worth it. We mostly pigged out on ramen, but we're definitely going back to sample all the yakitori.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Little Miss Sunshine

Yesterday's challenge was Bohemian Betty and I swear I did it but then the day turned into one giant clusterfuck and I didn't even have time to snap a pic. But I'm back with today's challenge! I went a little literal.

You can't tell, but that sweater is green.
My idea was to dress as a sunflower: yellow, green, and black. Everything was purchased at Walmart or a Walmart affiliate (Sam's Club). So cute can be cheap!

Almost Hydrangeas

Having your own house is a lot of work, but it does also have a few benefits, like beautiful flowering plants!

Such as this one!
Although this one is not yet flower, it will. Oh, it will. And it will be glorious!

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Literary Heroine

My chosen heroine is Min Farshaw from Wheel of Time - my all-time favorite fantasy book series. She wears lace, tight fitting pants, and heeled boots. It's a little to warm for all of that right now, so here's my interpretation:

The bronze bracelet was almost free at auction and is one of my favorites pieces.
You can't tell, but the top has a lace back, plus there is lace on the shorts, which are obviously pretty form-fitting. And the sandals have high tops and a small heel to simulate Min's boot style, plus I already had her short curly hair, so I'm pretty happy with the whole ensemble. And now I want to read...

Dugger Dog

This little boy was already in the house when we moved in. Not only does the sign fit (because we're part of the same family, duh) but it looks just like Moose!

He even has the same bent ears!
Isn't it precious? 

Friday, April 17, 2015

Adult Shaming

Ok, I know I'm probably not the first person to think of this, or use the term "adult shaming" but I'm in charge here so we can all just pretend I am. In any case, the thought popped into my head the other day how judgmental and arbitrary the qualifications are for being a "real adult." The thought popped into my head because immediately prior I had been thinking about how I needed to get up earlier in order to be a proper adult.


When did this become a thing, exactly? Humans of all cultures have long had coming of age traditions. A certain ritual or milestone that, when completed, signaled to the world that you were "a man." (Seems like most are male-centric, but I'm dialing down the femi-rage today because that's not why we're here. Who am I'm kidding, that's ALWAYS why I'm here. Viva la revolucion!) But that's changed in modern times. Now, it's no longer a single event - those some of those traditions persist - it's a long, complicated checklist.


I think it was intended as a step in the right direction. After all, the idea that you pass through a single magical instant and suddenly get grown is ludicrous. But we seem to have over-corrected. Instead of acknowledging that becoming at adult - read: responsible and functionally independent person - is a gradual process and that we are learning, growing and changing throughout our lives - including adulthood - we have simply created more rituals.


You're not an adult until you purchase a major appliance

You're not an adult until you file taxes

You're not an adult until you file taxes using a form other than 1040EZ

You're not an adult until you work full-time

You're not an adult until you get married 

You're not an adult until you have a baby

have a house

get up before 8

have insurance

pay your own phone bill

are responsible for a life other than your own

And on and on the list goes. I've heard all of the above before, and I've even parroted some - perhaps in other posts. My friends and I almost constantly go back and forth sharing things like "I've started getting up early to exercise, look at all the adulting I'm doing!" But in the same vein, we're hard on ourselves and others if they haven't achieved each item on this arbitrary and constantly shifting list. "I can't even remember to take a multi-vitamin. I'll never be a real adult..."


Contrarily, you are also considered not a real adult if you maintain an interest in things that others deem childish. Things like video games, anime, board games, sci-fiction, fantasy, coloring, crafting, etc. This list of "childish pastimes" is similarly stupidly long and ever-changing depending on who you talk to. It's also completely ridiculous. Just because you developed an interest when you were young doesn't make it childish. It means you still like to have fun, and had good taste even as a kid.

Yes, because you can't party AND be an adult, obviously. Judgmental bitch!

It's not that any of the milestones mentioned above are insignificant, but they don't make you an adult. You know what makes you an adult? Reaching the summit of your physical growth. For humans, that's about 18 years. Trying to measure adulthood in terms of emotional, mental, or financial growth is unrealistic because those characteristics never become static, they never stop changing. And there is no magical combination of any of them that means you've achieved the pinnacle of your growth, that this is the best you'll ever be, you're done. So cut yourself some slack, accept that each year of life will bring new perspective and maturity regardless of age, and be kind to your peers. After all, we're all adults here.

And if you've lived this long, you're already winning!

Gamine in Green

I thought I had more green in my wardrobe. It doesn't matter, because what I do have is super amazing!

Green and gold. a classic combo. And super Irish with my red hair.
The earrings were purchased YEARS ago; they were handmade glass pieces by a local artisan in Branson, MO. The top is Forever 21, who knew they had work appropriate clothes? And the shoes are my favorite, lovely Modcloth yet again!

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Maxi Moment

I can't just wear a maxi dress because the ones I own have sort of... revealing tops. So I doctored it up with a lacy tee and blazer from Modcloth! Hooray for professionalism!

Plus pretty jewelry
I've mentioned how blue my wardrobe is before, right? Yeah, got me some blue stuff.

Galentine's Day

Some friends and I got together for a Galentine's brunch! Obviously we missed the real day but it was still lots of fun!

Look how much fun we had!
We're bad at selfies, but it was still a good time!

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Lovely Lace

Today was all about that lace and for that particular theme, I am super well equipped. I dream in visions of lace. 

White lace dress with lacy black tights and a sweater with a lace back (which you can't see, sorry) and a bright pop of color with the multi-hued shoes.

All Gone

Moose has been a little off his game since the move. He's used to more doggies to keep him entertained, plus it's a totally new environment. So he hasn't been eating. Well, he hasn't been eating much. For some reason, breakfast seems particularly problematic. But!

It's completely clear!
He ate it all! For two days in a row now! What a good puppy.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Easter Egg Hues

Easter colors obviously means pastels, but I don't own many of those so I had to layer and accessorize to achieve the desired effect.

And some of my blue was still a little dark.
Still, I think it worked since, as has been the case every day so far, my Style Me outfit garnered some compliments. Plus, my Husband said I look like Easter = mission accomplished!

Monday, April 13, 2015

Born in the wrong era

Today's inspiration inspired me to go Mad Men with it.

So here I am, super in the 60s.
It's all courtesy of Modcloth. I think. I think because the tights were a gift from my amazing in-laws and I can't be sure where they purchased, but it's very Modcloth-esque, and I love that site. 


Look at this magnificent beast in his natural environs. 

Such a majestic creature.
He surveys his domain and knows he is master of all.

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Makes Me Wanna Dance

Ok, obviously I got dressed hours ago, I'm just slow posting this. Is it obvious? It's Sunday after all, but no, I didn't sleep in til 4 pm.

Those earrings aren't from Hawaii, but let's all pretend they are.
Because they look like the should be.
This makes me wanna dance because it's comfortable but still pretty and flirty and fun to wear. Plus, everything I'm wearing is a bargain buy. Dress from TJ Maxx, shoes from Goodwill, and earrings from Wally World. Hooray, cheap me!


Look at our beautiful tree!

I love that color!
We have several others including 2 that bloom but I am dumb and didn't take any pictures when they were in bloom. Now, all of their petals have rained down like a Cherry Blossom festival and they are just stupid, plain green. Next year!

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Matchy Matchy

My interpretation of Matchy Matchy is wearing all my Doctor Who gear. Got my police box top, my Amy Pond cosplay capris, my combination fez/bow tie earrings, my Tardis blue shoes, and my trusty pocket watch necklace to keep track of when I am.

The top is from Hot Topic if you want one, don't remember about anything else.
Plus, it's almost all blue. Fantastic! Allonsy!



These are old, obviously, since I've been in the new place a few weeks now, but I took some photos to commemorate clearing my stuff out of my mom's place. Look at me, living independently! 

All those empty drawers still make me smile.
My closet... still has a bit in it. 
Ok, so I still have a few things there in storage, but considering how much we still have to clear out of our new place, I've accepted that it will be a very slow, gradual process to get ALL of our stuff here. It will probably be several months and that's ok. I want it all in one place so the next time we move, it'll be easier to pack since we'll only have one house to do. To slow progress!

Friday, April 10, 2015


I don't know what's been up with me lately, perhaps the stress of being a new home "owner," but holy shit-snacks am I off my game.


There's been the difficulty posting, of course, but I think that is just truly that I'm crazy busy. It's other things, more subtle changes. I'm ridiculously irritable and critical and constantly exhausted. My back is so tense that it feels like its curly around and slowly crushing my spine into powder, so that feels awesome (read: excruciatingly painful).I do have a lot going on with trying to get a house that's been vacant for a year ready for the spring/summer, trying to get my pup to adjust to his new living arrangement - he's not eating, hooray! - and keeping up with my new-ish job at which I am vastly underpaid, so it makes sense that I'm worn down. But it just feels like more than that.

He loves the yard, but he keeps looking for Beau!

For starters, there's the exhaustion. What the hell is that? I've been doing P90x3 without a problem for about 2 and a half months now, and all of a sudden, the past 2 weeks I can't seem to get my ass out of bed to do it. And I usually love it! I always feel good when I'm done, even if I feel like dying during, and it gives me energy throughout the day. I can tell my body is in much better condition. But now my energy seems to ooze out of my body and into the mattress so that I can't move. As a result, I've only been working out every other day - though I double up - which exacerbates the exhaustion. Plus, I've been feeling really good about myself lately, really comfortable in my body because it functions so much better now. But the past couple of days I can't see myself in the mirror without experiencing some disgust. It's disheartening, but mostly it's weird.

Help me, Tony Horton! You're my only hope!

And you'd think, wouldn't you, that with Husband and Moose and I all finally settled in and living in the same place, OUR place, I'd be ecstatic, right? But no, I'm snappy and a little mean right now. God bless Husband for being so laid back and tolerant of me. God bless Moose for being happy and loving all the time - hooray dogs!

We really need some better photos together.

I don't know what the problem is, but I suspect it's that thing I posted about in Fall. You know, how the changing seasons can fuck up your mental state? It's the right time of year, and the right level of irrational melancholy. I'm really focusing on that information so that I can remember not to get too worked up over my emotional state. To be a good friend, wife, pet mom, employee, etc., in spite of how I might feel moment to moment. Because the truth is, I love my life and everyone in it. Things are pretty damn awesome right now, and I will survive this obnoxious seasonal sadness. And I'll kick ass doing it, as I usually do.

Plus, my allergies are killing. You're beautiful and yet, you must DIE!
Anyone else having an oddly unpleasant spring? Let me know in the comments and we can commisurate together! You know what they say about misery and company... Better yet, I'll reply with something funny or happy to cheer you up, and don't forget to check the Daily Smile feature anytime you need that!

Borrowed or Thrifted

My interpretation of today's challenge:

I've got to start taking the full body photos further out so you can actually see them.
Sandals my grandmother gave me (borrowed-ish) and vintage coke bottle cap earrings (thrifty-ish). The rest of the outfit was chosen simply for comfort and matching-ness. Bright springy top, black bolero, and silver chinos. Huzzah!

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Pump Up The Volume

My version of "pump up the volume" is loud colors, chunky accessories, and big hair!

To be fair, my hair is always big, but I plumped it a little artificially with a curling iron.

The colors are a little washed out by the filter, whoops!
I've gotten at least one compliment a day on my outfits since I started doing the Style Me challenges! You guys should try it. If you do, let me know how it goes!


It's a kind of shoddy picture of my new bed! The frame, mattress, AND bedding are all new! I love this frame because not only does it have the headboard storage you can see here, but there are 3 drawers on each side of the base. I'm mad organized now.

Started breaking out the panda collection!
I actually already had bedding that would fit, bought for me a long time ago by my mother so I could have a grown up looking bed at her house. It was a coming of age type thing. And while I love that stuff, it's gold and sage green, which didn't really work in our pale blue and dark chocolate bedroom. Mom was also having trouble replacing it with like colors, since over the years my bedroom has accumulated matching decor. We decided the simplest and cheapest solution was that she take the gold/green set back and she graciously offered to buy us a new one to replace it. Husband and I both love blue, so it all worked out. 

The mattress is from Tuft and Needle, this amazing online only store, and it's crazy comfy. They're pretty reasonably priced, too. Check them out! 30 day free trial AND free shipping.

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Jungle Tribal Tropics

It should probably be obvious that I'm using the Instagram versions of my photos. Mostly this is because I'm too lazy to crop the photos on my phone, but also because the filters make me look good.

Can you see my super cute, heeled flip-flops?
Hard to tell in the photo, but the green top has a tropical leaf pattern, so it totally works! And, I look like an British explorer with my bronze accessories! Except not at all. But cute nonetheless!



I know it's been April for a few days now but I'm a procrastinator, obviously. In any case, I'm so glad to have both my boys back! I like Sam, but I was missing Dean this March.

Ain't they pretty?
You can tell I'm also bad at marking the day's off on the calendar.

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Blue Are You

Less than 24 hours ago I announced I was going to be publishing (slightly) fewer posts in an effort to keep up with them better. But here I go, adding a feature. This is mostly a way for me to keep up with doing my Style Me challenges, so I may miss a day here or there if I don't do/like the inspiration for that day, but this week you get at least three! Since I already have plans for tomorrow. I've put a tab at the top so you can see them all in one place - hooray for you!

In case you couldn't tell, the title is the daily inspiration as well.