Wednesday, January 6, 2016


As you may all recall, blogging fell apart for the second half of 2015. Yeah... that was rough. It wasn't exactly that things were so terrible for me (although my anxiety definitely doesn't play nice), it was more an issue of purpose. I started blogging as an outlet for myself and as my responsibilities increased, it because another obligation because I was putting so much pressure on myself to keep up with it.. Don't get me wrong, I still love writing! But I just started sinking and I cast off the first weight I could think of.

So among my resolutions for the new year is that I will cut myself some slack. I'm leaving the blog schedule as it stands (despite already having broken it....) but if life happens and I can't stick to it, that's okay! I'll still try to keep up with my posting schedule, but the second issue is that I'm out of the habit now so I feel like I don't have the time. I do, I did before! I just have to get back at it. And I'll try to keep you all apprised of the occasions when I can't so you won't be so so sad as you were before. But I will warn you now that there are going to be times this year when CCW is lacking and I'm making my peace with that so you should, too.


Welcome to 2016! We're going to kick ass!