Sunday, November 2, 2014


This is me and two of my best Speechie buds at another Speechie bud's wedding last night. It was fantastic. The ceremony was beautiful beyond words, as was the bride. The food was delicious, and the band was kick-ass. We had so much fun, I really wasn't even tempted to take more than a handful of photos - I was too busy partying!

I'm in the middle, in case you weren't sure.
We even worked our way to the dance floor after a few drinks. Fiance couldn't come because of work, so the gals and I were all there solo. Therefore, we invented group slow-dancing: form a circle and sway. I think the true highlight was when the entire wedding sang along to Bohemian Rhapsody with the band. Amaze-balls!


  1. With the new hair you do look different, but not so much that I couldn't pick you out of a lineup! ;) Yay weddings! See anything you want to steal for your own?

    1. Not really. It was beautiful, but it was a Jewish wedding whereas mine will of course be Protestant. Plus her's was Fall/Halloween type decor and mine will be spring-y. I did latch onto the the idea of varied centerpieces though... we'll see.